Sun Sprout Cloth Diaper Service

We deliver clean cotton diapers to your door weekly

The best for your baby and the environment. We use and sell the best Cloth diapers, diaper covers & cloth wipes for your Baby

Phoenix & Tucson

How our diaper service works

How cloth diaper service worksHow cloth diaper service works

Starting a cloth diaper service with us is Easy

How our service works

Why use Cloth Diapers

The comfort of natural fibers is better for your baby’s skin. Potty training happens easily and quickly with cloth diapers, on average 6 months to a year sooner than babies using disposable diapers.
Also you help the environment! One baby using disposable diapers produces one ton of waste in our landfills.

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Cost Comparison

Sun Sprout Cloth diaper service is more affordable than disposable diapers.

Babies who use cloth diapers potty train on average 6 months to a year sooner than babies that use disposables.

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Great customer service, clean and easy process, and really makes a difference when it comes to our impact in the landfills. All the dirty diapers are set out to be collected once a week and you get new ones the same day, all based on baby's weight and number of soiled diapers you go through in a day...

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Sarah B.

Amazing service! Good for the environment, soft on your baby's skin & makes life with a little one SO much easier.

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Megan A.

We have used Sun Sprout in Tucson with both our children and plan to use them with our third. It's great to be able to use cloth diapers and wipes without the hassle of washing ourselves. And, we never have to worry about running out of diapers, they get delivered weekly to our doorstep!

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Ronnie S.

So glad Sun Sprout is in Tucson! Great service, great people, great price. Highly recommended.

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Delivery service area

We deliver in Phoenix and Tucson area

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Cloth diaper service pricing



+ One time Registration Fee $40

4 Weeks minimum
to start the service

Cotton Prefold Diapers

4 sizes to choose

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26 Weeks


$40 Registration Fee Waived


Cotton Prefold Diapers

4 sizes to choose

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52 Weeks


Registration Fee Waived Plus 5% discount


Cotton Prefold Diapers

4 sizes to choose

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Cloth diapers – eco-friendly investment for the future

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