Cloth diapering class

Cloth Diapering with Sun Sprout Diaper Service in PHOENIX and TUCSON!

Come and join us for the next cloth diapering class!

In this workshop you will see and try our cloth diapers and learn how they can save you money and reduce the toxins your baby is exposed to. Whether you are our new client or are just interested in learning more about cloth diapers this class is for you!

Cloth Diapering Class and Workshop

People these days are choosing cloth diapers over disposables for many reasons: cloth diapers are gentle on your baby; they don’t add tons of waste to our landfills, cotton diapers are made from a renewable material. These aren’t you mother’s cloth diapers. There are no pointy pins anymore to poke the baby. Diapers have entered the 21st century and now you can choose diapers that are safe, attractive and functional.

Baby using cloth diapers

At the workshop you will learn the different ways you can use the diapers we offer in our service and put them on Sunny the Bear our diaper wearing Teddy bear. We will talk details about how our service works and how convenient and affordable it is. We’ll be there to answer any questions you might have. We are happy to promote cloth diapering so we can have healthy, happy babies on a healthy planet.

Please RSVP. We have small classes to give you the best attention!